HHO Gas Car Modification – The Potential Risks – Cars Modification

The concept of running a car on water has certainly taken off in the past 4 months. The concept is sound, and is certainly no scam. This article will hopefully shed some light on what to look for in an hho gas car modification system, and possible issues which may arise.Water4gas was the first hho gas car modification system widely published on the internet. In the past 4 months their have been a plethora of competing systems showing up all offering similar results. The result has been a mass of discussions regarding the actual results possible from an hho gas car modification system.For those that don’t know, such a system can be created from parts readily available in your local hardware store. Basically you have a container containing bicarb of soda and water, which is powered by the battery. The result is the production of hho gas (browns gas) which is driven in to the carburettor or manifold. This results in an increase in engine productivity, mileage and ultimately fuel consumption.There are most certainly some risks associated with attaching a hho gas car modification system. Firstly as a rule of thumb, the system works bests with car or trucks that are over 10 year’s old. Recent models of cars have stricter warranties and engine designs which make it extremely difficult and risky to attach such a system. Whichever system you choose make sure you have full explanation on how the system will effect the warranty of your car. Make sure you understand the risks before you consider use such a system. Furthermore seek the advice of a trusted mechanic.ConclusionHHO gas car modification systems have certainly provided an element of hope in these times of ridiculously high petrol prices. On the flip side however are the potential risks such systems propose on car’s- specifically when they are not fitter correctly. Make sure you understand the risks before fitting a system such as water4gas to your car or truck.