How to Build a HHO Generator – Run Your Car on Water – Cars Modification

Hydrogen Generators might sound expensive and they are actually, unless you make your own. What? You’re no rocket scientist? You don’t have the money? Well, you should know that to build yourself a hydrogen generator is way cheaper than if you were to buy a ready made one and no you don’t have to have Albert Einstein’s brain to do it either.All the materials you would need are readily available at your local hardware store for under 80 dollars! Perhaps you’re asking “How could I use a Hydrogen Generator?”. It sounds all sci-fi but its not. What it is though, is a solution to all your gas expense problems. It will cut your monthly gas expenses in half giving you more chances to put that “would have been gas money” to good use.So how do you build one and how does it reduce your monthly expenses? A hydrogen generator allows your car to run using water as fuel. But it will not rely on water solely, you will still need gas just less of it. It will help reduce your gas expenses because it will increase your mileage by at least 60% depending on your car engine. More mileage = better gas efficiency = more money for your pockets.So how do you build one?Building a hydrogen generator sounds a bit complicated but its really not. Even a child could build and install one properly. The basic idea is to put a small jar inside your engine compartment, then fill it up with water and then add some baking soda. This contraption would make use of a small amount of electricity from your battery to make the water molecules separate and form the HHO Gas also known as Brown Gas. This Brown Gas would then be vacuumed into your engine’s manifold and straight on to your car engine where it would be used as gasoline.There is no type of welding involved or make car modifications. The system is also removable so you can take it out or put it in as you wish. Another trick is to add a fuel line with a device attached that would trick the oxygen sensors of your car to make it believe that you’re still getting the old, horrible mileage you used to have. The conversion materials are quite cheap at $80 and it is so easy, it can be done in one afternoon.