Top 3 Most Common Car Modification Mistakes – Cars Modification

Car modification is more popular now than it has ever been before. When people buy a car these days the factory issue lights, factory paintwork and factory stereo are sometimes not enough and thanks to the availability of many sources of custom car parts the possibilities are practically endless for making your car stand out from the crowd. The problem is though that while enthusiasts may want their car sound like it has a V8 engine or sit low on its suspension so it looks like a touring car, they may not have the technical or aesthetical skills to ensure their car still looks good and runs well.Here are the 3 of the main mistakes people make when modifying their car.Bad TasteThere is no accounting for taste, especially when choosing a spoiler or a whole body kit. How often have you seen a car trundling down the high street looking like an alien child toy. Choosing the wrong body kit for your car can be done easily as they are often bought from magazines or from websites that don’t tell you much more than that they will fit on your model of car. Body kits need to be subtle in order to avoid looking stupid. The same goes for other custom body parts like spoilers and bonnet scoops which when out of proportion with the rest of the car can look really bad. Make sure you find out exactly what your car will look like with the body kit or other custom part on before you hand over your cash, and make sure you get a second opinion.Wrong PartsThere are engine modification parts that have been made popular by certain films about street racing that every car modification fan would like to have. For example, big fat exhaust, turbos, super chargers and nitrous oxide systems. If you are not 100% certain that the parts you are fitting to your car will work and be safe then you should avoid getting them altogether. Plus putting nitrous in your old modified car, it may not stand up to the punishment dealt out by the extra power. Start off safe by getting performance brakes or other simpler performance car parts to make sure your car is at least safe. You won’t look good, wrapped around a lamp post.Bad DrivingIf you can’t drive well then there is no point trying to attract attention to yourself. Get good at driving with some advanced driving courses before you start adding under lighting or a massive stereo.