HHO Gas Car Modification – Convert Your Car to Burn Water as Fuel – Cars Modification

HHO gas car modification is probably the most popular way of saving money on gas these days. Gas prices rise by hour and many of us have a hard time keeping up with such changes. There are rumors that the gas cost will hit $4 US per barrel in the spring 2008.The new sensational way of saving gas has been featured on national TV channels, newspapers and radios. Its low cost, simplicity and high effectiveness has intrigued thousands of drivers all over the planet who are now successfully using hho gas car modification kits in order to save thousands of dollars on gas.
Converting your car to run on water (often referred to as Hydrogen, HHO, Brown’s gas) will benefit you in several ways;
Increased fuel economy. You will decrease your car’s gas consumption by at least 40%; in some cases a 100% increases have been recorded
Decreased exhaust emissions. Without this modification only 20% of your gas is burned – 80% is wasted as pollution.
Prolonged engine’s life. HHO gas conversion kit cleans up the carbon deposits from the engine and decreases the regular wear and tear of the engine’s parts resulting in a quieter and smoother functioning of the engine.
This invention is also very popular because of its low cost. You could either purchase a ready to use kit for approximately $1 500 or you could easily build your own for under $100. The kit is a bolt on – so it is very easy to install, does not require any engine or computer modifications and when removed – completely untraceable.

HHO Gas Car Modification – Modify Your Car to Run on HHO Gas – Cars Modification

If we listen to the rumors, the gas prices in the USA will hit 4$ a barrel this spring. Filling up our cars is no longer the only issue. As gas prices rise – so do prices in our grocery stores. Unfortunately the regular consumers like you and I have no say in this.But there is no reason to give up. If you can’t join them – beat them! Right? HHO Gas Car modification has become one of the very popular solutions for an average driver. A simple system hooked up in the car’s engine will produce HHO Gas from … tap water.Recently FOX News broadcasted a video report about an American inventor who modified his car to use HHO Gas as fuel. Now, there are some things to clarify – there is no possible way to run a car uniquely on water. The HHO gas car modification allows us to use water and gas as fuel. Such conversion increases fuel economy by at least 40%.The gas mileage increase is not the only advantage of such technology. Once installed in the vehicle, this kit boosts up engine’s power while reducing the exhaust pollution and prolonging your car’s life. It cleans up the engine and reduces the normal wear and tear of the engine’s element.Thousands of people around the globe are already taking advantage of this hho gas car modification; it’s cheap, requires little maintenance, untreatable if removed, does not modify your engine or car’s computer and most importantly it is very effective.